​Oct. 2019 NEWS FLASH: Historic Fir Trees in Lithia Park Saved!

The Ashland Parks Dept. has announced that they will amend their Japanese Garden proposal (approved Jan. 28, 2019) and incorporate the two healthy Douglas fir trees into their design, instead of cutting them down. Thanks to all of you who worked for this outcome!

Friends of Lithia Park still wants your petition signature to demonstrate support for designating the entire Fir Grove (12 Douglas firs) as Ashland Heritage Trees, under Land Use Planning ordinance

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PETITION TEXT to Ashland Parks Commission and Ashland City Council:

Please endorse the Ashland Heritage Tree designation for Lithia Park’s legacy grove of 12 healthy Douglas fir trees, planted in 1916 between the Japanese Garden and the Sycamore Grove. This designation does NOT legally limit what can happen to these trees. However, it does acknowledge citizens’ desire to protect them as living legacies. We treasure them for their beauty, their size, their ability to capture and store tons of carbon, and their role in 100 years of history in Ashland’s world-class Lithia Park.​


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